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31 October 2005

Qumana Release Ad Program Upgrade

According to Blog Herald Qumana Software has released an upgrade to it's program, which combines Qumana’s blog publishing tool with a keyword advertising program enabling "publishers to choose which keywords best represent the editorial message."

New Panasonic Blog

Having discussed Fuji Film adopting the narrative, story telling approach in our previous post it was interesting to note in contrast, the release of a more conventional corporate based blog from Panasonic. It's purpose is to act as a straight forward product update and discussion platform about the imminent release of the AG-HVX200 HD/SD DVCPRO P2 camcorder and other tech related subjects.
It will no doubt prove to be a useful conduit of information for Panasonic customers, but to be honest I found it less than inspiring, particularly as the regularity of posting seems to be pretty woeful.

Fuji Film Tests Out Blimp Blog

Ever seen the Fuji Film blimp (airship) crossing the sky? Well, the people that fly it are now writing a blog about their experiences. It's an interesting move for Fuji Film who have gone for a narrative approach rather than a product and promotional approach.
It should be a shrewd choice of blog strategy. However, I do have reservations over whether this partiuclar topic will hold the interest of a readership. My gut reaction is that it won't, but I look forward to being proved wrong in the months ahead.

28 October 2005

Budget Blog Hits The Jackpot

Update on Budget's treasure hunt campaign. Apparently some lucky chap has been following the clues on the Up Your Budget blog and won himself $10,000. Sounds like this innovative idea is capturing quite a bit of attention. (via Adrants)

Glimpse of a VlogAd Future

According to Blog Herald VideoEgg (a video publishing technology) & Six Apart have joined to deliver video blogging free of charge to all registered Typepad users.
It struck me reading this that this link up could be the start of a simplification in video blogging. Certainly the process of encoding, uploading and sharing on line will no doubt be made easier and more widely available. This could be a really exciting development in opening up the possibilities of people media.
Could it be that as well as - ads on blogs, rss ads and podcast ads we will see vlog ads take their place proper, within the armoury of the marketer? I love this idea, particularly in the context of promoting film trailers, dvd's or even just slipping a subtle 4 second ad placement at the beginning of a personal vlog. The possibilities are massive or intrusive I haven't quite decided.
If I was going to pick a product to test run the potential of vlog ad's it would be this one - The Book Of Cool. Some of the stuff on the trailer is quite amazing.
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27 October 2005

Latest Development In "Battle of The Splogs"

Interesting thing happened today. Accessed my blogspot account and continued as usual in drafting some intelligent analysis on the topics of the day. Ok some of you might be thinking intelligent is the wrong adjective! Anyway, I go to publish my post and was met with a word verification code.
It seems amid a deluge of bad press from A-List Bloggers about spam blogs and no doubt some high level head scratching at Google headquarters they have implemented this feature in the latest skirmish of "Battle of The Splogs" (Is it just me or would that make a great movie title.)
Here is Blogger's official line in the help directory:
"Word verification on the posting form is meant to be a spam reduction mechanism for BlogSpot in general, and is applied to certain potential spam blogs by an automated system. Because this is automated there will necessarily be some false positives, though we are continually working on improving our algorithms to avoid these. If your blog is one of the false positives, we apologize. Having the word verification on your posting form does not prevent you from publishing and does not mean that your blog will be deleted or otherwise punished if it is not actually in violation of our policies."
Needless to say that Ads On Blogs is a "false positive". Umm I think you need to fine tune those algorithms guys! This is a necessary evil and will no doubt improve the spam issue. However, if this becomes a permanent feature (a cumbersome feature at that) on many "false positive" blogs then Google will see a flight of some genuine users.
As Ads On Blogs will be shortly transferring elsewhere to a souped-up, turbo charged site this will not be a problem for us much longer! More on our transfer and announcements on some exciting developments next week.
As a footnote to this, it will be interesting to see if Adsense revenues are hit by this spam offensive?
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TiVo Joins The Blog Bandwagon

TiVo have entered the world of blogging with the release of TiVo Blog written by one of TiVo's hardcore fans who will continue her quest "of spreading my love for the TiVo® service far and wide by gently coercing (sometimes, flat out forcing) my friends and family to experience the fabulousness that is TiVo" - that opening gambit was a little bit too sickly sweet for my tastes, but it's a nicely designed blog which will no doubt provide a useful sounding board for TiVo.

(Via Micropersuasion)

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The Crystallization of Commercial Blogging

A broadcast on Marketplace Radio follows on from yesterday's English Cut interview on Blogspotting. I think in this 3 minute piece there is a real crystallization of what blogs are all about in a commercial context. From this I extrapolated my own interpretation as follows:
1. Low cost dissemination of information.
2. Not the hard sell.
3. An osmosis of interesting information between publisher and reader. Bland bleating about a product or service will be met with cries of derision.
4. A conversation or interactivity in which both parties can be enlightened. Big corporates have historically preached about what the consumer wants, blogs now enable a fluid transfer of ideas back and forth between both parties.
5. Most importantly empowerment of the consumer.
How does this fit with the incongruity of costly, conventional PR and advertising methodology?
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26 October 2005

Blogspotting Hit The Spot With English Cut

If your new to blogging and need to get your finger on the pulse, check out Stephen Baker and Heather Green at Blogspotting. I have long been a fan of their objective reporting style, but was particularly impressed with Stephen's recent podcast interview with Thomas Mahon of English Cut. Really fascinating insight into how some clever PR and a blog strategy can take a niche business truly global.

Explosive Growth Predicted In UK Online Ad Spend

Emarketer quote a World Advertising Research Center study that indicates that the UK's traditional ad spend is projected to grow a measily 2.3% in contrast to a 39.6% increase in online ad spend . (via Marketing Vox)

Online Ad's Will Be Everywhere!

Remember rumours of advertising in Google Talk (Google's version of Instant Messenger with talk capability). According to Chris Thilik of Adjab the rumours were right but wrong company. Instead of Google it's Microsoft who have introduced ads to Instant Messenger. As Adjab allude to, the interesting bit could be that ads are contextual with your conversation!
With the impending decline of TV and newspaper adspend, it seems that web innovations such as this are readily taking up the slack.

Where's The Surprise In Geo - Targeted RSS Ads?

According to ClickZ there were yelps of surprise when agencies and advertisers learnt that Adsense were running geo-targeted contextual ads. I'm surprised they were surprised to be honest! Surely there was an inevitability that contextual advertising would head this way.
Shuman Ghosemajumder business product manager at Google, told ClickZ News. "AdSense for feeds is part of the Google content network, so if an advertiser's campaign is opted into the content network, their ads are eligible to show in feeds," He further noted that the geo-targeting has been part of the AdSense for feeds distribution since its launch.
For those in the dark on Google's chronology in this field it goes something like this:
Some facts about RSS ads
1. Advertisers are unable to solely target RSS ads locally. However, regionally targeted ads might appear in feeds and sites at some point.
2. Location of content and user of the feed partially determine where the ads appear although content more often than not takes precedence.
3. CTR is generally low with RSS Ads. (Jensense)

25 October 2005

Click Fraud and Spam Blogs

Great post from JoelOnSoftware (via Threadwatch) on Adsense Click Fraud.
This passage was particularly illuminating in explaining the recent growth in spam blogs:
"When you connect the dots, what seems to be happening is that scammers are doing four things. First, they create a lot of fake blogs. There are slimy companies that make easy to use software to do this for you. They scrape bits and pieces of legitimate blogs and repost them, as if they were just another link blog. It is very hard to tell the difference between a fake blog and a real blog until you read it for a while and realize there's no human brain behind it, like one of those Jack Format radio stations that fired all their DJs, or maybe FEMA. Then, they sign up for AdSense. Then you buy or rent a network of zombie PCs (that is, home computers that are attached to the Internet permanently which have been infected by a virus allowing them to be controlled remotely). Finally, use those zombie PCs to simulate clicks on the links on your blog. Because the zombie PCs are all over the Internet, they appear to be legit links coming from all over the Internet."

"Use Your Multiple Ad Units" Says Adsense

Inside Adsense have issued some routine advice on utlising multiple ad units. Essentially they suggest more ads increase your chances of relevancy to the reader. No surprises there really!
If you already have code for multiple ads but are seeing fewer units than you thought; Inside Adsense explain "this is because our multiple ad unit system works best for pages with highly targeted ads and therefore may only display the first few units (See how a first ad unit is defined)"

24 October 2005

Yahoo Drops It's Minimum Ad Spend

According Adjab - Yahoo! has dropped it's $20/month minimum spending requirement to a $10 minimum . It is hoped this will encourage smaller/local businesses to try paid search.

Integrated Blog, RSS And Podcast Ads

According to Clickz - Pheedo the blog ad network, has begun testing a program that will create "integrated, multi-channel campaigns across blogs, Web feeds and podcasts."
Essentially the idea is to make sure all your ad campaign bases are covered. Apparently Pheedo has been trialling integrated campaigns for some advertisers since June. However, the new program being developed should make that process easier with a release date targeted for the end of the year. Ad purchasing will be structured as a package deal, "with guaranteed impression counts for the RSS and blog inventory. The podcast portion is measured by the number of average downloads from previous shows." Bill Flitter, Pheedo's founder and CMO says "Our goal is to make it as easy as possible on the advertiser side to run campaigns across different formats,"

Blog Advertising Goes On a Treasure Hunt

Blog advertising and promotion seems to be scaling new heights of creativity with the recently reported release of Budget's blog based - Sixteen City Treasure Hunt. Budget for the uninitiated is a car rental company who are offering $160,000 in prizes for a treasure hunt gimmick named Up Your Budget . Those taking part in the treasure hunt must find stickers positioned in a public location within each of 16 cities and provide a photograph as proof of their find. Clues for each stickers location are released daily on the Up Your Budget Blog. Those taking part can submit hints and tips on the Treasure Hunter's blog. In addition, word of this promotion will be spread solely through blog based media such as Boing Boing, Buzzmachine and the BlogAds network amongst others. It will be interesting to see how this innovative campaign pans out.

Need Some Help Designing Your Blogads?

If you need some assisitance in producing an eye catching online ad, Blogad's recommend that you check out designers Jay Ballenger and Charles Fincher's cartoons.

21 October 2005

Adsense Images Could Mean Higher Revenues

I noticed this letter (republished below) on Inside Adsense from Recipezaar publisher Gay Gilmore. Whilst I am sometimes a little sceptical of these types of posts, it did resonate with some research we are currently compiling:
"What a surprise today!I would have loved to comment on what great results we have seen since we implemented image ads, but you guys don't allow comments -- I understand why ;-) -- so I thought I'd pop an email.We've seen a 34% increase in AdSense revenues by allowing image ads in our ad codes and implementing section targeting on key pages. These technologies by their nature mean that impressions may initially drop, however, we have still seen increased revenues because our eCPM has doubled. Making more money from fewer impressions is a GREAT thing.Of course Google doesn't give us all the stats yet on image v. text v. site-targeted ads, so we can't be sure exactly what the cause is ;-). AdSense now offers us a more competitive eCPM than other ad publishing networks (without the annoying banners or attention-grabbing layer ads), so we are sending more and more traffic to Google. Our users are happier too. Because our AdSense ads are super-targeted, our customers tend to view them as "additional content" rather than diversionary advertising."
Ads On Blogs have been experimenting with various Adsense placements, colours etc and whilst I can't go into details, it was interesting to note that others have also enjoyed greater revenue success with a mixture of image and text ads.
Interestingly our analysis of the Ads On Blogs 500 appears to show comparatively few sites operating this strategy with Adsense. This can probably be linked to the number of sites - (18%) already running image ads from the likes of Blogads. I guess it's a question of too many images and you end up with a cluttered page. If you're only running textual Adsense or other text based programs it might just be worth experimenting with the image coded Adsense.

Adsense Finding It Harder Going

According to Search Engine Watch Google Site Revenues have risen by 20% from the second quarter to $885 million. Further revenue growth also came from Google Network Revenues generated by partner sites using Adsense. Figures for this are at $675 million, a 7% increase over the second quarter. Interestingly Google's site revenues are growing at a faster rate than those of the Adsense program which is facing increasing competition from many online advertising alternatives. According to Search Engine Watch Google AdSense revenue Over the last three quarters has increased 19%, 8% and 7%, while Google site revenues have increased 24%, 12% and 20%.

20 October 2005

Blog Ad Slogan Generator

Advertising Slogan Generator is a little bit of fun for those struggling with their creative juices. I have listed a few samples of the slogans it came up with for Ads On Blogs:
  • How Many Licks Does it Take to Get to the Center of an Ads On Blogs?
  • The Ads On Blogs With The Hole.
  • Big Chocolate Ads On Blogs.

Umm not sure their going to win any awards!

(Via Google Blog News Channel)

19 October 2005

Rocketing Online Ad Sales For Yahoo

USA Today has reported that the online advertising market helped Yahoo "boost its quarterly revenue 47% over last year." Yahoo CEO Terry Semel is quoted as saying "The results highlight the power of our brand," Reported earnings are $253.8 million, or 17 cents a share, on revenue of $1.3 billion.
How will Yahoo fair in the face of increasingly stiff competition from Google's Adsense and the experimental MSN Adcenter, plus a raft of other new ad programs. See our recent post Blog Advertising Alternatives.
(Via Adpulp)

Venture Capitalists Waking Up To Blog Boom

Red Herring published an interesting article indicating that there maybe significant moves afoot to further harness the revenue opportunities of consumer created content such as blogs. Venture Capitalists and Internet Executives at the Think Equity technology and investor conference in California apparently took particular note of recent blog web traffic data showing a 31% increase for the first 7 months of 2005 according to Nielsen/NetRatings.

MSN Adcenter Goes Live In The US

According to Jensense the long awaited US release of MSN Adcenter has kicked off in beta. Applications are still being accepted for willing testers here.

18 October 2005

When Blog Advertising Goes Wrong

Ever heard of Cillit Bang? It's a cleaning product. Their agency tried to create some buzz and ended up getting themsleves in a mess.
BBC Weblog Watch give you the whole run down on the story and it's worth exploring some of the links buried in the article to get a full picture of what went on. It's a salutary lesson of how blog promotion can go wrong.

A Simple Description of What Your Blog Is About

Following on from my previous post and my little rant about blog descriptions which I have republished below for reference - I was pleasantly surprised to find this great example of how it should be done. Blogging Help have succeeded in providing a simple and succinct synopsis that tells you everything you need to know about the site immediately. Perfect for a first time visitor like myself.
Here's my rant again in case you missed it!
"It sounds ridiculous but I can assure you that I was astounded at how many top 500 blogs had no description of their principal themes. I can hear shouts of "it's in the title stupid". Well, just trust me, quite often it isn't. Alright, a life blog is likely to be eclectic but why not say so or at least give some hints as to what your majoring on. It makes it so much easier for someone dropping on your page for the first time."

Blogging Mistakes

Jakob Nielsen via Problogger pipped me to the post in writing something about blog design and content. I'm not going to preach about this subject because we are in the process of redesigning our own problematic site from it's humble beginnings, plus this is a little off topic for us. However, having studied almost a 1000 blogs over the last 4 weeks I feel reasonably well placed to share some of my views on this matter. Jakob's main points are listed below in italics with my comments in bold:
1. No Author Biographies - I’m amazed that so many blogs don’t have any information about who is behind them. Not essential information but common sense in my books to be transparent enough to tell people who you are. This is a good point. It's important to give some authority and background to the topic you are discussing.
2. No Author Photo - for me this is not a must - but it does add something personal to a blog. Not essential but it can add some gravitas.
3. Nondescript Posting Titles - regular readers will know about my passion for post titles - enough said. Couldn't agree more on this point. We have been doing some quantitive analysis on our own posts recently and noted that a really punchy, descriptive title can make all the difference.
4. Links Don’t Say Where They Go - I agree - it also helps with SEO to use make links more descriptive. This is a good point but I'm not convinced of the necessity to describe in pinpoint detail where every link on your page ends up. Although on some of the blogs we reviewed it was often a case of clicking blind so to speak. Not ideal.
5. Classic Hits are Buried - So true - highlight your best posts or they’ll go unseen after dropping from the front page6. The Calendar is the Only Navigation - has anyone ever used a calendar to navigate a blog or is it just me who avoids them? Vital to highlight key posts. In my opinion calendars are a waste of time - in fact only a very small proportion of the top 500 blogs use them.
7. Irregular Publishing Frequency - again something I’ve written quite a bit about. It’s not about high or low posting frequency - but regular posting. Find your rhythm and stick to it. Probably most blogs we looked at posted on average 1 to 3 times a day. This amount largely depended on whether a blog was predominantly a link dump or providing original content. There are obvious time and effort issues as to why this is the case.
8. Mixing Topics - Stick to your niche. Forgetting That You Write for Your Future Boss - so true. Once you hit publish you loose control over who will ever see what you write. Be careful. This is true to an extent but I also believe you can put yourself into a straightjacket by sticking rigidly to your niche. There is of course a balance, too far off topic and your blog loses it's meaning, too rigid and you're in danger of becoming stale both as a writer and to your audience. It was apparent from many of the top 500 blogs that they often strayed far too often and you'd end up wondering "what the hell is this blog about."
10. Having a Domain Name Owned by a Weblog Service - the quote of this article is ‘Letting somebody else own your name means that they own your destiny on the Internet.’ So true. Interesting observation and one I hadn't really thought about until I read this.
11. Darren at Problogger quite rightly suggested no contact details as a common mistake. If you're serious about your blog I think it's important to have the abillity to converse off site so to speak. Comments aren't always an ideal place to strike up dialogue!
Here are some of my additions to this list.
12. A simple description of what the blog is about. It sounds ridiculous but I can assure you that I was astounded at how many top 500 blogs had no description of their principal themes. I can hear shouts of "it's in the title stupid". Well, just trust me, quite often it isn't. Alright, a life blog is likely to be eclectic but why not say so or at least give some hints as to what your majoring on. It makes it so much easier for someone dropping on your page for the first time.
Having spoken to many recent newcomers to blogs I was interested to hear a plethora of similar complaints. Quite frankly who has the time to read back months and months to find out what the author is driving at. A couple of simple sentences of description posted in a prominent place on your page can be tremendously helpful. Ideally not in some crypic, hidden meaning type way either.
This is a criticism that is symptomatic of the insular nature of the blogging community. We all assume too easily that everybody understands blogging terminology or understands immediately that your blog is about knitting or whatever. If mainstream blogging is going to open itself up to a wider audience we all need to make it more accessible to newcomers.
13. Cluttered pages. Quite frankly it is testing enough on the eyes reading from a screen so why make matters worse by filling it with every coloured button and graphic going. Less is more. If you look at the likes of Weblogs, Gawker et al, their pages are relatively simple and uncluttered.
14. Keep posts short and sweet. This is something I can be guilty of and am doing it in this very post!! However, I can honestly say that an interesting post can be spoilt by going on for too long. It is no exaggeration to say that in our research we actually came across blog posts or should I say diatribes that were almost 4000 words long! Zzzzzz. Keep it short and sweet.
So how does this all relate to blog advertising. Well, in a nutshell, if you can get most of the above right, then you're in a pretty good position to retain readers and increase Ad Revenues.

17 October 2005

16% of A-list Blogs Are Life Blogs

As part of our ongoing analysis of the Ads On Blogs 500 we have compiled a list of the most popular topics.

I wonder whether this list will look the same in say 2 years? I doubt it. It's my belief that the Weblogs AOL deal may have signalled the start of a seismic shift towards commercially driven blog networks and a decline in A-list life blogs.

Does this mean the beginning of the of the end for A-list life blogs? Not at all. But it might be the end of the beginning.

Hollywood Eyes Up Blogs

Ads On Blogs pointed out in a previous post that Hollywood studios could start to shift increasing amounts of advertising inventory to blogs. Whilst this will no doubt be a gradual osmosis, there are already early signs of Hollywood's flirtation with blog advertising. Enter Mr Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine. According to Webpronews Mr Jarvis was recently approached by Warner Brothers about a big movie ad.
Could this be the beginning of further Hollywood investment in blog advertising? I think so, although I'm not convinced Buzzmachine is the best place to start, great blog that it is.

14 October 2005

Blog Advertising Alternatives

There seems to be new blog advertising alternatives appearing on the scene every week. We've listed here all of those that we are aware of. Do you know of any others? Also please let us know your views on which ones you think work the best.
Adbrite - AdBrite allow you to set your own ad rates, and approve or reject every ad that's purchased for your site. It also enables you to instantly sell ads to your visitors via a "Your Ad Here" link, in addition to selling through AdBrite's marketplace and sales team. Revenue split is 75/25 in your favor.
AdGenta - Service recently released by Quamana. In words of Quamana"AdGenta gives you the freedom and power to make money on your own terms. You can put high paying, relevant ads on your blog easily. We let you easily choose what your ads will be, when and where to put them, and what they look like each and every time, and offer you more money for each click."
AVN ads - AVN sell sponsored links on your behalf. They allow you to set your own ad rates, and approve or reject every ad that's purchased for your site. Revenue split is 75/25 in your favor.
BlogAds - Blogads is a network of bloggers who accept advertising. Restricted to selected publishers generating certain levels of traffic.
BlogSnob - A free advertising service for members of the blogging community.
Chitika - Quite a nifty entry into the market place offering an interesting ad interface. In their words:
"Chitika's flagship service, eMiniMalls, is the industry's first impulse product merchandising service. Based on a proprietary patent pending product merchandising platform, the eMiniMalls service brings a robust comparative shopping engine to web publishers - all packaged in a slick interactive user interface."
Crispads - Here are the reasons Crispads give for choosing their service: 1. Attract advertisers through your readership and through CrispAds web site. 2. You name your monthly price on graphical ads. 3. Earn $0.20 per click-thru on text ads. 3. Choose your own text ads by keyword. 5. Auto-switch-over to graphical ads when your get a graphical sponsor.
Google AdSense - Ubiquitious and effective contextual ad program.
Intelli Txt - This is an interesting ad product from Vibrant media. Ads are revealed only when a user passes their mouse pointer over highlighted keywords embedded in textual content.
Industry Brains - According to Industry Brains they offer "A site specific contextual targeting program that provides an opportunity for publishers to generate incremental revenue while maintaining the editorial integrity of their site."
Kanoodle - Text based, cost per click sponsored links. Kanoodle's products include ContextTarget for content targeted sponsored links, LocalTarget for locally targeted sponsored links, BehaviorTarget for behavioral targeted sponsored links.
LinkAdage Auctions - A link exchange.
MSN Adcenter - Only just released as a beta pilot in the US. Will be another contextual ad platofrm.
OneMonkey - Targeted text advertising. 80/25 split in your favour.
Pheedo - Flexible ad and link sponsorship specialist. 65/35 revenue split in your favour.
TextAds Biz - provide unobtrusive textads on your site.
TextBox Traffic - Text links have been combined with the best features of a banner exchange to attract free traffic to your site.
Text-Link -Ads - Static html links on Web sites.
TxtSwaps - A text link exchange network. It allows you to show links for your own site on other websites in return for showing links to other websites on your own site.
Yahoo Publisher Network - Still in beta - only open to select publishers. Provides contextual ads related to the content of your site.

Weblogs Inc Adsense Secrets

Useful case study from Inside Adsense looking at Weblogs Inc. I guess everybody has their different success or disaster stories about using Adsense but this one might be worth studying a bit closer.
(via Problogger)

13 October 2005

80% of A-list Blogs Originate from the US

As part of our Ads On Blogs 500 analysis of the Feedster 500 we looked at the international composition of blogs. As with other parts of our research the observation analysis was difficult and in this instance we were only able to substantiate the ownership of 329 blogs out of the 500. Our percentages are therefore based off only the identifiable 329 and not the entire 500. Nonetheless, this should give a useful indication of international composition even if it is limited by those sites operating in English.

12 October 2005

35% of A-list Blogs Have Multiple Income Streams

From our previous revenue analysis post it was apparent that there are an array of income raising measures that can be used to monetize your blog. The bulk of A-list blogs which operate commercially, tend to plum for the ubiquitous Adsense, but how many use a combination of revenue tools? Based on our observation analysis of the Ads On Blogs 500 we were able to extrapolate the following figures:

It's interesting to note that 30% of A-list blogs err on the side of caution by utlising only one revenue tool. I think it's a case of "less is more", as there can be a real danger of content being clogged up by a plethora of ads and affiliate schemes. It was also apparent from our observations that many of the more successful blogs are quite skilled at blending various revenue tools into their pages.

Those A-list blogs that do opt for a strategy of multiple revenue tools seem to rarely venture beyond using a tandem combination, the most popular of which are listed below:

Health Warning - For those looking into operating multiple ad programs - be vigilant of your TOS!

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11 October 2005

Which is The Most Popular Blog About Blogging?

It's a tricky one to analyse because so many sites are eclectic in their content. So with some subjectivity we selected those sites which had blogs as their principal topic of interest. We then analysed those blogs in terms of their position on the Ads On Blogs 500 and voila!!
All these sites provide their own valuable insights into the world of blogging and I recommend you visit all of them if you haven't already. My particular favourites are the likes of Ensight and Naked Converstions for a blog commerce perspective. Problogger is a very handy read for blog tips and hints. For a PR viewpoint there's the ubiquitous Micro Persuasion or alternatively for a bit of blog gossip there's Blogebrity.
I wonder how many more blogs about blogs will spring up in the coming months?
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10 October 2005

30% of A-list Bloggers Use Adsense

As part of our AdsOnBlogs 500 analysis, we looked at types of income stream. It wasn't an easy task pinning down every type of ad program or donation button from observation alone, but we believe that the figures below are a pretty accurate reflection of what's going on within the top 500 blogs.
I guess the big surprise from these figures was that 35% of blogs appeared to have no revenue capability at all. Whilst no quantitive anlaysis was done on this, it was apparent that the blogs within this category could be divided between those which are simply labours of love and those utilised as PR tools.
The dominance of Adsense is to be expected, but will that remain so with the advent of competing formats from MSN and Yahoo? Adsense seem so far ahead in the contextual field it's difficult to see them being surpassed anytime soon, but who knows.

06 October 2005

AdsOnBlogs - BLOG SEARCH 500

As part of a wider blog advertising analysis, Ads On Blogs previously produced the top 100 searched blogs on the Feedster 500. Taking this a step further, we have now analysed aggregrated September search data from Wordtracker and   Overture/Yahoo for the entire Feedster 500. We believe that this gives an interesting insight into current, blog popularity trends.

The top 500 sites are listed below, with the Ads On Blogs ranking to the left and the Feedster ranking to the right.

1The Drudge Report 21

2 Bootleg rss feed 100

3 2

4 Albino Blacksheep 4

5Daily Kos 5

6Fleshbot 7

7Ain't It Cool News 130 LinkDump 65

9The Huffington Post 12 442

11Michelle Malkin9

12Phone Scoop - Latest News 387

13LiquidGeneration: The Suck My Blog 40

14Common Dreams 11 260

16Gawker 18

17Democracy Now! 64 88

19Something Awful32 15 458

22Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator 370

23PostSecret 10

24Hugh Hewitt 91

25Digital Photography Review ( 54


27New England Journal of Medicine -- Recent Issues 449

28Eagle Scout 286

29MegaTokyo 129

30Hit and Run 45 174

32Media Matters for America 14 Blog 179

34 Riehl World View 390

35Wonkette 59

36Engadget 1 Front Page Updates 283

38Crooks and Liars 53

39Go Fug Yourself 176

40Counterpunch 94 Latest Links 47

42Little Green Footballs 39

43Dooce 143

44Gizmodo 8

45IMAO 235

46Michael Yon : Online Magazine 369 336

48A Socialite's Life 488

49Questionable Content 84 Media News 51


52The Smoking Gun 30

53DoubleViking 222

54 Boing Boing 3

55 Power Line 20

56 Drawn! The Illustration Blog 314

57 Jihad Watch 236

58 AMERICAblog 29

59 towleroad 363

60 127

61 426

62 Eschaton 34

63 ZUG: The World's Only Comedy Site 214

64 Daily Dish 77

65 Something Positive 115

66 183

67 Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger 74

68 McSweeney's 50

69 Taegan Goddard's Political Wire 177


71 WHEDONesque 359

72 ipodder News 146

73 Hullabaloo 158

74 231

75 Political Animal 31

76 Democracy for America 416

77 News Hounds 217

78 knittyBlog 44

79 Baseball Prospectus 244

80 The Tom Peters Weblog 341


82 Vgasm 418

83 Daring Fireball 113

84 TAPPED 83

85 James Wolcott 388

86 This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

87 Autoblog 33

88 62

89 Rocketboom 275

90 Talking Points Memo 37

91 Greg Palast's Columns 392

92 Toothpaste for Dinner 76

93 Joystiq 19


95 GrokLaw 200

96 BBC Backstage :: Ideas 315

97 Informed Comment 87

98 We're not Afraid! 163

99 Overheard in New York 120

100 175

101Creative Commons Blog - rss 13

102LSR 351

103The Anchoress 310

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