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21 October 2005

Adsense Images Could Mean Higher Revenues

I noticed this letter (republished below) on Inside Adsense from Recipezaar publisher Gay Gilmore. Whilst I am sometimes a little sceptical of these types of posts, it did resonate with some research we are currently compiling:
"What a surprise today!I would have loved to comment on what great results we have seen since we implemented image ads, but you guys don't allow comments -- I understand why ;-) -- so I thought I'd pop an email.We've seen a 34% increase in AdSense revenues by allowing image ads in our ad codes and implementing section targeting on key pages. These technologies by their nature mean that impressions may initially drop, however, we have still seen increased revenues because our eCPM has doubled. Making more money from fewer impressions is a GREAT thing.Of course Google doesn't give us all the stats yet on image v. text v. site-targeted ads, so we can't be sure exactly what the cause is ;-). AdSense now offers us a more competitive eCPM than other ad publishing networks (without the annoying banners or attention-grabbing layer ads), so we are sending more and more traffic to Google. Our users are happier too. Because our AdSense ads are super-targeted, our customers tend to view them as "additional content" rather than diversionary advertising."
Ads On Blogs have been experimenting with various Adsense placements, colours etc and whilst I can't go into details, it was interesting to note that others have also enjoyed greater revenue success with a mixture of image and text ads.
Interestingly our analysis of the Ads On Blogs 500 appears to show comparatively few sites operating this strategy with Adsense. This can probably be linked to the number of sites - (18%) already running image ads from the likes of Blogads. I guess it's a question of too many images and you end up with a cluttered page. If you're only running textual Adsense or other text based programs it might just be worth experimenting with the image coded Adsense.


Anonymous Gay Gilmore said...

If you are skeptical, you can always ask. ;-) What I said is the truth. And as for the mix of images and text. I say trust Google. They are constantly optimizing your site, so they'll only show an image ad if it will truly do better than a text ad. I just wish they would give us more stats on CPM v. CPC ads (as well as site-targeted v. RON). I hate monopolies as much as the next person, but I dream of the day when we can ditch all the other networks and just run Google Ads. It will be much more simple for us and their technology is better for the advertiser too....

Saturday, October 22, 2005  
Blogger Peter Brady said...

Gay, thank you for your view on this, I think you have some good points.

Just a little bit of explanation to my post:

My scepticism stems from the instinctive corporate need to promote the positive and not the negative. That is their prerogative and good luck to them. It is the readers prerogative to question whether your getting the whole picture.

Certainly, extra stats would be useful. Any further data of that ilk would be of great benefit to Adsense optimisation.

I'm afraid monopolies are rarely a good thing in economics. Greater competition is essential in persuading Google to produce even better technology and offer a greater financial return to publishers. Besides there are some quite exciting innovations in online advertising emerging from other platforms.

I think as you will note from my post that our experiences/research with mixed image and text ads indicate a corroboration in your observations.

Thanks again for your comments and I wish all the best of luck with your blog.


Sunday, October 23, 2005  

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