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31 August 2005

AdsOnBlogs Top 40 Blog Word Search

Ads On Blogs has decided to release an aggregated top 40 blog word search once a month. In other words what are the most searched combination of words incorporating the word "blog". Data for July has been analysed and aggregated from Overture and Wordtracker.
We have sanitized our list of any obscenities but it is interesting to note that radio blog sits at number 2 above the ubiquitous sex blog. Blog advertising is at number 7 which must be a reflection of how bloggers are seriously contemplating the opportunites for monetizing their sites.
1. blog site
2. radio blog
3. sex blog
4. free blog
5. celebrity baby blog
6. sky blog
8. blog quiz
9. blog host
10. wrestling blog
11. pink is the new blog
12. create blog
13. blog things
14. real world road rule blog
15. blog rss
16. blog definition
17. web blog
18. power line blog
19. msn blog
20. blog odonnell rosie
21. blog search
22. blog of america
23. yahoo blog
24. baby blog
25. photo blog
26. adult blog
27. blog template
28. blog skin
29. babe blog
30. blog poker series world
31. blog survey
32. music blog
33. blog video
34. blog directory
35. blog layout
36. gay blog
37. teen blog
38. blog software
39. neopets blog
40. radio blog club

30 August 2005

Adrants Wants Blog Advertising Panelists.

Adrants will be moderating a panel at BlogOn, called "Can Advertising Be Social?", October 18 in NYC.
"The panel will focus on "social media" but concentrate on weblogs as both a medium through which to advertise and as a standalone element that is part of a larger ad campaign - like the recently launched Vespa blogs or the long running Stonyfield Yogurt blogs. Even character blogs. Basically, it's a panel about how blogs fit into marketing and advertising programs."
Adrants is looking to fill two panel slots with client side marketers who have used blogs in their marketing mix.
This topic should engender some fascinating debate and provide some steer as to where blogging is heading as a commercial venture. We wait with interest for the write up.

Managing a Blog Network

Darren from Problogger has again picked up on an interesting post from Judith Meskill outlining the functionality of a blog network.
As Darren says:
"She has been a bit quiet recently but today posts an update that shows some of the inner workings (if you read between the lines) of WIN but also shows her love for blogging/bloggers (and grilled cheese). She writes:
‘Since there is nothing rigid about the deals we make with our bloggers here at WIN - end of month activities are insanely detailed and last for about a week! But fun is key, as our WIN bloggers are team players one and all. Our model of having anywhere from 3 to 20 bloggers posting on any given blog wouldn’t really work without the full cooperation of our ‘team’ spirited writers….'’
As Darren says:
"I can’t imagine the process of keeping track of 120 bloggers - I have trouble keeping up with one - me!"
How right he is!!!

28 August 2005

Optimum Placement of Google Ads

The optimum placement for Google ads varies depending on content. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering where to position your ads:
1. What is a user trying to accomplish by visiting my site?
2. What do they do when viewing a specific page?
3. Where is the focus of their attention likely to be?
4. How can ads be integrated into this area without interferring with the user?
5. How can I keep the page looking attractive and uncluttered?
Answer these questions and you should have a better idea of what you want to achieve for your blog.

27 August 2005

Blogs Pose New Ad challenge

This article was published in a UK supplement - Media Week. It’s an interesting take on how Blog advertising is evolving with the brands.
Brands must tread carefully to open up a dialogue with bloggers
Web logs – or blogs – represent a fundamental step change in the way we communicate. This change is part of a general trend that began with the rollout of the internet and the uptake of e-mail, through to people being able to build their own websites and the popularity of chatrooms. These tools have helped the general public to create their own communication platforms.
The key shift with blogs has been that they enable people to quickly and cheaply build their own micro-media channel on the internet. In essence, blogs are, as they say, "democratising the written word" albeit, as one Times journalist bluntly pointed out, "most are unreadable".
The reason this is changing the way we communicate is that media outlets no longer have sole ownership over the flow of information.
Before the internet, most people sourced their information from newspapers and TV.
In the new digital world, this is no longer the case, as people communicate and share information directly with one another and search engines consistently list information from both media and non-media sources alike.
As the flow of information is no longer distributed solely from the top down and as blogs allow us all to build our own communication platform, advertisers have to be very careful how they communicate in this new environment. A broadcast message simply will not fit in with the myriad of blog subjects available and the vast number of communities that already exist.
Smart advertisers will instead engage in a dialogue with these communities. Most likely they will have discrete dialogues that are relevant to each community's specific interests, rather than deploying a traditional broadcast message.
These dialogues should form part of a grassroots marketing campaign which, at its most basic level, would include placing discrete adverts within blogging guides. A step on from this would be developing relationships with blogging sites in order to establish a tailored communication within their communities, or even using specialist bloggers, to engage in a direct dialogue with appropriate blogs.
Any form of manipulative advertising or broadcast message will simply backfire. This is why the best communications in this area fully engage with the medium and are transparent with their message. A prime example of this is the General Motors blog (http://, where the content is completely transparent and whose blog principles follow a code of ethics.
The blog provides factual logs to ensure both consumers and the business community alike have a clear understanding of General Motors' current activities and role within the global economy. The GM blog will also respond to questions from bloggers and, as it is a dialogue with individuals, they can ensure they deliver the most appropriate response for each individual query.
To carry out this type of activity effectively, brands require a specialist, as the bloggers control their content and these small integrated communities are capable of reacting negatively if they feel that their blog or community is being manipulated. Coupled with this is the huge number of blogs in existence and the fact that the technology is constantly evolving, for example PODs (voice over web logs) are now becoming prevalent.
Specialists have the technical knowledge to implement a campaign, the tools to monitor blogs and the experience to execute activity that will engage in an appropriate dialogue with these communities.

26 August 2005

Useful Blog Forums

If you’re interested in exchanging ideas on blogging and monetized blogging, take a look at these useful forums:
FeedForAll Forum - RSS forum for RSS and feed creation related discussion.
Forum4Blogs - active forum for bloggers.
BloggerForum - forum for blogger related issues and discussions.
SMR Blog Forum - forum for software developers to announce related blogs.
The Small Business Blog Forum - blog and small business forum.
Bloggers Galore Forum - Important events or whatever that could possible be of interest to the average blogger out there looking for inspiration.
Blogomania - blog discussion forum.
Blog Board - blogging forum.
2RSS Forum - RSS forum for feed discussions.
FeedDemon RSS Forum - software support forum for FeedDemon includes open discussion area for rss related issues.
Cre8asite Blog for RSS/Blogs - RSS blog forums.
WebmasterWorld RSS - RSS forum for webmasters.
ILoveRSS Forum - RSS forum for RSS related topics.

25 August 2005

Blog Advertising Options

You should consider all of the following if you wish to monetize your blog.
Google AdSense serve google adwords and receive a percentage on any click revenue.
BlogAds Blogads is a network of bloggers who accept advertising.
OneMonkey leading online advertising solution, that gives any website web and hosting capabilities.
LinkAdage Auctions a link exchange that allows webmasters to take advantage of a major shift in web site advertising, bid on ad space.
TextAds Biz provides a mechanism for you to make money by serving unobtrusive textads on your site, we provide all the infrastructure necessary in order to collect payments and allow those people who have bought ads to view detailed campaign statistics.
TextBox Traffic an impressive new method to drive traffic to your website. The effectiveness of text links has been combined with the best features of a banner exchange to create an easy way to earn free traffic to your website
TxtSwapsa text link exchange network. It allows you to show links for your own site on other websites in return for showing links to other websites on your own site.
BlogSnob a free advertising service for members of the blogging community.
Pheedo RSS Ad Server for insertion and tracking of ads using RSS.

How the Most Highly Visited Blogs Earn Money

Another insightful article from Problogger showing how the medium is rapidly becoming monetised. Darren Rowse has reviewed the top 30 blogs and analysed their income streams. See article for details of top 30. Only one blog had no advertising or affiliate programs (it did have a donation button though).
  • The most popular Income Stream was BlogAds - 23 of the top 30 have them.
  • The next most popular income streams were donation buttons and Amazon links (mainly to books).
  • Also popular were AdBrite text ads.
  • Only 8 of the blogs used Adsense.

Full credit to Darren Rowse for his hardwork in digging this info up.

Blogging for Dollars

Check out this introductory article "Blogging for Dollars" for a sense of what can be achieved. It's contents are a little long in the tooth but still pertinent to the contemporary blogosphere.

24 August 2005

Blogs as Media?

Daniel Rubin of really makes some insightful comments relating to the direction of blogs as a form of media.
Key points:
  • The Behaviors of the Blogosphere study, by comScore Networks indicated Blogspot alone reaches as many readers as the New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today put together.
  • First quarter 2005 - 45 percent jump in American's visiting blogs over the same period in 2004.
  • The survey found that compared to average Internet users, blog readers are significantly more likely to live in wealthy households, shop online, be young and have broadband connections.

Nick Denton, founder of Gawker, finds one fact most appetizing: while 37% of Internet users had annual household income over $75,000, 41% of blog readers made that much.

This is a particularly appealing piece of information for those wishing to explore the world of Blogosphere advertising. As Daniel Rubin says "Youth, with wealth, is, to advertisers, a rare and desirable combination."

Daniel Rubin's article really is excellent. Please take a look if you are an advertiser considering venturing into the world of blogs.

Can you make money from your blog?

There seems to be plenty of discussion about the pro's and cons of monetising blogs. Is it viable, and is it right? These are becoming the well worn points of contention.
Megnut wrote an interesting article titled Blogging for Dollars: Giving Rise to the Professional Blogger She says:
‘Most financial discussions focus on blog content and explore donations, advertising, or some type of sponsorship/patronage model as the means to compensate bloggers. Very little progress has been made towards finding viable economic models because people still think of Weblogs as personal sites. If you aren’t Andrew Sullivan (who purportedly makes $6,000 per month on his site through donations), it’s hard to imagine how you’d get the traffic and donations to generate such revenue…. By paying great bloggers to produce Weblogs, we remove economic constraints and enable them to devote their energies full-time to producing compelling content and creating outstanding Weblogs.’
It's a salient obvservation of the quandry, professinal bloggers can find themselves in. However, I think it is correct to say that for any popular or successful site, monetisation can and should always follow. Why should a blog be any different? In media and advertising, eyeballs are the currency!

Is There a Market for Blog Advertising?

Recent research seems to indicate a growing enthusiasm for advertising on blogs. According to Forrester total US online advertising and marketing spending will reach 14.7 bln in 2005, a 23% increase over 2002. Online marketing and advertising will represent 8% of total advertising spending in 2010. Search engine marketing will grow by 33% in 2005, reaching $11.6 bln by 2010. Display advertising, which includes traditional banners and sponsorships, will grow at the average rate of 11% over the next five years to $8 bln by 2010. 64% of respondents to Forrester's survey said they are interested in advertising on blogs, 57% through RSS, and 52% on mobile devices, including phones and personal digital assistants. See full article: ZD Net

23 August 2005

Nominate a Favourite Ad On a Blog

We are looking for the top 10 most successful and eye catching ads in the blogosphere. If you have any thoughts please lets us know. We'll be announcing our top 10 in late September!

Blogs for Commercial Gain?

  • Can blog advertising supplant existing media channels or should it be used in conjunction with other formats as part of a wider campaign? Well the answer is of course the latter.
  • Is it ethical to utilise blogs for commercial motivations? Of course, so long as the blog in question maintains a clear differentiation between impartial opinion and commercial promotion. Savvy blog readers quickly turn off when they sense a commercial push of product or service.
  • Of course there are the business blogs springing up everywhere which are uninhibited with their commerical motives. These can provide vital platforms for customers to express their opinions and or grievances. Conversely they provide a company with a vital source of customer opinion which should be the life blood of any successful oraganisation.
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