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31 August 2005

AdsOnBlogs Top 40 Blog Word Search

Ads On Blogs has decided to release an aggregated top 40 blog word search once a month. In other words what are the most searched combination of words incorporating the word "blog". Data for July has been analysed and aggregated from Overture and Wordtracker.
We have sanitized our list of any obscenities but it is interesting to note that radio blog sits at number 2 above the ubiquitous sex blog. Blog advertising is at number 7 which must be a reflection of how bloggers are seriously contemplating the opportunites for monetizing their sites.
1. blog site
2. radio blog
3. sex blog
4. free blog
5. celebrity baby blog
6. sky blog
8. blog quiz
9. blog host
10. wrestling blog
11. pink is the new blog
12. create blog
13. blog things
14. real world road rule blog
15. blog rss
16. blog definition
17. web blog
18. power line blog
19. msn blog
20. blog odonnell rosie
21. blog search
22. blog of america
23. yahoo blog
24. baby blog
25. photo blog
26. adult blog
27. blog template
28. blog skin
29. babe blog
30. blog poker series world
31. blog survey
32. music blog
33. blog video
34. blog directory
35. blog layout
36. gay blog
37. teen blog
38. blog software
39. neopets blog
40. radio blog club


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