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30 August 2005

Managing a Blog Network

Darren from Problogger has again picked up on an interesting post from Judith Meskill outlining the functionality of a blog network.
As Darren says:
"She has been a bit quiet recently but today posts an update that shows some of the inner workings (if you read between the lines) of WIN but also shows her love for blogging/bloggers (and grilled cheese). She writes:
‘Since there is nothing rigid about the deals we make with our bloggers here at WIN - end of month activities are insanely detailed and last for about a week! But fun is key, as our WIN bloggers are team players one and all. Our model of having anywhere from 3 to 20 bloggers posting on any given blog wouldn’t really work without the full cooperation of our ‘team’ spirited writers….'’
As Darren says:
"I can’t imagine the process of keeping track of 120 bloggers - I have trouble keeping up with one - me!"
How right he is!!!


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