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26 August 2005

Useful Blog Forums

If you’re interested in exchanging ideas on blogging and monetized blogging, take a look at these useful forums:
FeedForAll Forum - RSS forum for RSS and feed creation related discussion.
Forum4Blogs - active forum for bloggers.
BloggerForum - forum for blogger related issues and discussions.
SMR Blog Forum - forum for software developers to announce related blogs.
The Small Business Blog Forum - blog and small business forum.
Bloggers Galore Forum - Important events or whatever that could possible be of interest to the average blogger out there looking for inspiration.
Blogomania - blog discussion forum.
Blog Board - blogging forum.
2RSS Forum - RSS forum for feed discussions.
FeedDemon RSS Forum - software support forum for FeedDemon includes open discussion area for rss related issues.
Cre8asite Blog for RSS/Blogs - RSS blog forums.
WebmasterWorld RSS - RSS forum for webmasters.
ILoveRSS Forum - RSS forum for RSS related topics.


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