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25 August 2005

Blog Advertising Options

You should consider all of the following if you wish to monetize your blog.
Google AdSense serve google adwords and receive a percentage on any click revenue.
BlogAds Blogads is a network of bloggers who accept advertising.
OneMonkey leading online advertising solution, that gives any website web and hosting capabilities.
LinkAdage Auctions a link exchange that allows webmasters to take advantage of a major shift in web site advertising, bid on ad space.
TextAds Biz provides a mechanism for you to make money by serving unobtrusive textads on your site, we provide all the infrastructure necessary in order to collect payments and allow those people who have bought ads to view detailed campaign statistics.
TextBox Traffic an impressive new method to drive traffic to your website. The effectiveness of text links has been combined with the best features of a banner exchange to create an easy way to earn free traffic to your website
TxtSwapsa text link exchange network. It allows you to show links for your own site on other websites in return for showing links to other websites on your own site.
BlogSnob a free advertising service for members of the blogging community.
Pheedo RSS Ad Server for insertion and tracking of ads using RSS.


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