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28 October 2005

Glimpse of a VlogAd Future

According to Blog Herald VideoEgg (a video publishing technology) & Six Apart have joined to deliver video blogging free of charge to all registered Typepad users.
It struck me reading this that this link up could be the start of a simplification in video blogging. Certainly the process of encoding, uploading and sharing on line will no doubt be made easier and more widely available. This could be a really exciting development in opening up the possibilities of people media.
Could it be that as well as - ads on blogs, rss ads and podcast ads we will see vlog ads take their place proper, within the armoury of the marketer? I love this idea, particularly in the context of promoting film trailers, dvd's or even just slipping a subtle 4 second ad placement at the beginning of a personal vlog. The possibilities are massive or intrusive I haven't quite decided.
If I was going to pick a product to test run the potential of vlog ad's it would be this one - The Book Of Cool. Some of the stuff on the trailer is quite amazing.
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