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06 September 2005

AdsOnBlogs - BLOG SEARCH 100

From a blog advertising perspective I have become interested in the ranking of blogs by various methodologies, whether it be by links, or by those limited numbers of sites that submit site meter figures. Advertisers who are waking up to the potential of blog advertising, in the UK at least, are using the rankings as a starting point for making sponsorship approaches.
As these various rankings are now being used by advertisers as a prima facie selection tool, I thought it might be interesting to compare one of the ranking systems - (In this case the Feedster 500) with a ranking based on the number of searches for a particular blog. Such a ranking system does not exist to my knowledge, so Ads On Blogs has decided to try and analyse the Top 100 blogs from Feedster, based on the number of aggregated searches a blog receives from Overture/Yahoo and Wordtracker. Afterall, a high proportion of blog visitors originate from search engines/metacrawlers and it struck me as an interesting cross check analysis.
I didn't expect a great deal of difference, but to my surprise I noted a site like Bootleg Fark going from 100 in the Feedster list to number 2 on the Ads On Blog's list. Now before I receive a deluge of emails outlining potential problems with this analysis, I would like to stress that a number of checks were undertaken. However, as this is an embryonic attempt to analyse blog rankings there maybe some work to do before I can honestly say it has a great deal of relevance. Nonetheless, I think it looks at the issue of rankings from a different angle and throws up some interesting questions.
The top 100 sites are listed below, with the Feedster ranking to the left and the Ads On Blogs ranking to the right.
7 Fleshbot 5
18 Gawker 14
59 Wonkette 17
43 Defamer 19
1 Engadget 21
8 Gizmodo 25
34 Eschaton 33
83 Tapped 36
50 McSweeney's 37
46 Wizbang 51
33 Autoblog 52
92 Ongoing 53
19 Joystiq 54
71 Curbed 55
73 Jalopnik 57
22 Lifehacker 64
99 Workbench 74
38 Luxist 85
25 TV Squad 89
Ads On Blogs is receiving enquiries on a regular basis from both advertisers and bloggers looking for marriages made in heaven! If you have a successful blog or you're an advertiser looking to place inventory/sponsorship then please let me know on we may be able to help.


Anonymous Darren said...

Good post - but you've got some serious spam issues in your comments!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005  
Blogger Randy Charles Morin said...

Serious is an understatement.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005  

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