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11 October 2005

Which is The Most Popular Blog About Blogging?

It's a tricky one to analyse because so many sites are eclectic in their content. So with some subjectivity we selected those sites which had blogs as their principal topic of interest. We then analysed those blogs in terms of their position on the Ads On Blogs 500 and voila!!
All these sites provide their own valuable insights into the world of blogging and I recommend you visit all of them if you haven't already. My particular favourites are the likes of Ensight and Naked Converstions for a blog commerce perspective. Problogger is a very handy read for blog tips and hints. For a PR viewpoint there's the ubiquitous Micro Persuasion or alternatively for a bit of blog gossip there's Blogebrity.
I wonder how many more blogs about blogs will spring up in the coming months?
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