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27 October 2005

The Crystallization of Commercial Blogging

A broadcast on Marketplace Radio follows on from yesterday's English Cut interview on Blogspotting. I think in this 3 minute piece there is a real crystallization of what blogs are all about in a commercial context. From this I extrapolated my own interpretation as follows:
1. Low cost dissemination of information.
2. Not the hard sell.
3. An osmosis of interesting information between publisher and reader. Bland bleating about a product or service will be met with cries of derision.
4. A conversation or interactivity in which both parties can be enlightened. Big corporates have historically preached about what the consumer wants, blogs now enable a fluid transfer of ideas back and forth between both parties.
5. Most importantly empowerment of the consumer.
How does this fit with the incongruity of costly, conventional PR and advertising methodology?
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