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07 September 2005

Online Advertising Costs on the Rise

"Ad dollars are increasingly looking for outlets on the internet." Or at least that's what Media Buyer Planner and Ecommerce Times has stated in recent posts. This has predictably resulted in higher prices for sort after inventory.
Some publishers are apparently wising up to the supply problem by holding back inventory to negotiate a better deal later. Jumpstart Automotive Media, which sells space on automotive sites, has been shifting large amounts of ad dollars online for the likes of Ford and General Motors. I haven't heard whether any of that money has made it's way into blogs, but I would make an educated guess that it has. See the related post: Alpha Romeo's recent sponsorship deals
The thought occurs to me that the blogsophere is well placed to take advantage of this tidal wave of money hitting the net, the question is whether it will evenutally filter down to even modest sized blogs?


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