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09 September 2005

Could Blog Advertising be the Answer for Hollywood?

The LA Weekly has predicted that the major film studios could allegedly be about to withdraw advertising in the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times newspapers.
Demographics would appear to indicate why, with "the Motion Picture Association’s 2004 U.S. movie attendance survey showing 12 to 39 year olds accounting for 57 percent of total moviegoers, 40 to 59 year olds only 31 percent, and 60 plus year olds only 12 percent." Needless to say the readership of traditional newspapers is often shown to be predominantly weighted to the upper age brackets.
So I guess the questions are, how will the studios reach out to the 12 to 39 year olds and where will the studios go with their formidable ad budgets if they do decide to change strategy? Well, we don't know yet, but with online access rising to 66% in the US, there's a good chance some of it will filter through to blogs. What should particularly make studio executives take note is the attractive demographics of blogs, which tend to favor the lower age ranges. My previous post on the receptiveness of teens to digital promotion further supports my belief that blog advertising could increasingly be utilised within a wider marketing strategy.


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