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14 November 2005

Urchin Web Statistics Freed Up

I tend not to discuss web statistics on this blog but it is nonetheless an important part of monetizing if that is your intention. So I was quite intrigued to hear about Googles decision to make urchin (a web statistics program) a free service where once it was an expensive luxury. According to Inside Google Urchin now rebranded Google Analytics, will be free to those with less than five million monthly page views - so I guess that includes most of the blogsophere and is also free to AdWords advertisers. As inside Google say if you "go over 5 million then it's time to add the worlds smallest AdWords campaign."
Having used urchin for some time now I have found it's functionality pretty damn good, if a little complicated. Impact on competitors? Well it could knock out a few businesses but as Inside Google say "it won't rule the market."


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