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08 November 2005

Clarification On Adsense Referral

Inside Adsense have provided some clarification on the Adsense referral system which is summarised as follows:
1. Currently, Firefox plus Google Toolbar referrals are only available for U.S. publishers. However, we're continuing to improve the referrals feature and hope to make Firefox referrals available to international publishers soon.

2. Using language that endorses Adsense, Firefox or Google Toolbar is fine. However, as with AdSense for content, publishers should not use language encouraging clicks on your referral buttons (e.g., "Click here", "Visit these links", etc). The AdSense program policies is the best place to find more specific information about referral policies."
3. If a user clicks on the Firefox referral button but already has Firefox then the user will be redirected to the Google Toolbar for Firefox page. Because we only count referrals for Windows users who have not previously downloaded Firefox, this will not appear as a Firefox conversion in your reports.


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