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09 November 2005

Ads On Blogs To Take Over The World!

This is a heads up that Ads On Blogs will be moving fairly shortly to a new site with some advanced features and plenty more focused content. It's also time to announce the start of some other very exciting ventures.
Firstly, today marks the inception of the Orbital Media Blog Network. Yes another one!. Can't say too much on that one yet but there are some big plans afoot. However, I can say that we're not about to make the mistake of releasing a gazillion blogs all at once with garbage content! This will be a strictly quality over quantity affair.
Secondly, I will be contributing some content from time to time over on a new blog called performancing. The esteemed company I will be keeping includes the likes of Nick Wilson, Chris Garrett, Andy Hagans, Patrick Gavin and a peppering of Darren Rowse.
Here's the strap line on what will be a must read for aspiring professional bloggers:
‘Performancing covers all kinds of stuff, but it’s all very tightly focused on making money from blogging. We’re talking about ad programs, design, testing, promoting and the business of blogging for $$$’s.’
So all in all a pretty exciting day!


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