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04 October 2005

The Diversification of Blog Advertising

Interesting post from clickz on two different blog advertising models being pioneered by John Battelle and Phillip Kaplan, both celebrated internet publishers, authors and currently blog advertising entrepreneurs.
Kaplan's AdBrite is spread within a raft of niche sites. It's described on clickz as "like a transparent AdSense, where buyers pitch ads to sites and sellers can reject whichever they don't like." The company has grown from humble beginnings to a major player within the emerging blog advertising industry. Advertisers apparently like it too, "since they can add specific blogs to their media plans on an ad hoc basis." The current number of sites joining up daily is approximately 200 and growing.
Battelle's FMP are offering specialised deals to only the highest traffic sites. Sites like BoingBoing, Om Malik and PVRblog. He has recently been courting agencies in New York and Los Angeles commenting that "So far no one's slamming the door in our face." Although he appears to be well aware that buying ads on blogs is still very much foreign territory for most industry executives.
Whilst FMP and Adbrite are currently engaged at opposing ends of the market, Google continues to evolve, providing ever greater choice to advertisers within it's AdSense Network. Will these innovative alternatives survive the Google onslaught?


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