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30 September 2005

The Trillion Dollar Homepage. Not quite!!

Alex Tew who set up his Million dollar homepage in early September draws a striking paralell to the early pioneers of the Klondike gold rush. The story of the Klondike is fascinating and anybody with a passing interest in economics and social trends should read up on the details. In summary the story goes that a couple of chaps "struck gold in them there hills" made a fortune, and more importantly became the celebrities of their day, enjoying seismic newspaper headlines. The result was a stampede of naive prospectors. Unfortunately, the thousands who followed largely found nothing but squalid conditions and death on the infamous Chilkoot Pass. Enough of the history lesson already!
The point is that these imitations will probably find limited success, although I had to laugh at seeing a post on Adjab for the $10 million dollar homepage. Will it be long before we see the billion dollar homepage or the trillion dollar homepage!! Come on guys use some imagination please.
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Blogger Peter Brady said...

Thanks for your comment. I do find it amazing how this thing is exploding globally. Good luck to the copycats, I hope they make a success of it. My cynical side is telling me this thing will burn out before long.

Where I think it may have a future is in a charity fund raising capacity.

Saturday, October 01, 2005  

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