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16 September 2005

Juicy Fruit Blog Isn't All Bad

Ever since Wrigley released their promotional Juicy Fruit blog there have been any number of commentators cueing up to criticise it. I think they have missed the point.
Quite simply it caused a talking point and as such attracted a lot of attention to the brand. For example, I have not thought about buying juicy fruit since my childhood but I recently found myself checking out the different varieties at the local convenience store.
I guess it maybe a question of "all publicity is good publicity" and that's what I suspect the clever marketers at juicy fruit were trying to achieve.
Check out some of the comment in the blogosphere:
Adpulp headline with Juicy Fruit "Blog" Lacks Flavor "like several brands before it is taking a beating in the bloatosphere for their psuedo blog."
Random Culture "This is why we talk about not every business needing a blog because if done improperly you will get some major backlash like the Juicy Fruit folks are receiving right now. What makes this silly is that if they replaced the world "blog" with something else on their site then there would be no complaining." (via Adpulp)


Blogger Ryan said...

An interesting point, Peter, but I think that when a campaign causes a negative association with the product, it does more harm than good. Sure, people have been talking about it, but really only in the blogging community. In the real world, where it's not getting as much buzz, you've just got an audience of (guessing) young males aged 12 - 17, who probably don't care too much about blogs, but are savvy enough to see right through the juicy fruit blog. This is a market that is probably the most cynical about commercial messages, and this is a campaign that rings totally false.

To me, this campaign is a perfect example of missing the point and missing the mark.

Friday, September 30, 2005  

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