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02 September 2005

Brands Wising up to Blog Power

A Malaysian company Sunsilk is demonstrating how blogging can integrate with a multi faceted media campaign. They are running a TV series to promote their brand to teens and young adults which is supported by SMS inviting viewers to suggest how the series should develop. Online viewers can download wallpapers for their mobile phones, and can access the fictitious Illyana's blog, where they can post comments.
Mars, are also experimenting with some success with the Cesar brand in Singapore, having launched My Cesar, "Your companion to online blogging". This blogging community encourages Singaporean dog owners to "create your own personal doggie blog where you can impart your thoughts about your favourite pooch."
Hill and Knowlton picked up on these developments in Asia and intelligently comments "Sunsilk and Mars understand that consumers no longer want brands to talk at them, but give them the tools to talk to others."
It's a pertinent interpretation of how marketing and advertising are developing globally.


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