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03 September 2005

Benefits of Being a Blogger

An interesting little summary from Online Business of why blogging can be so alluring.
1) Easy to manage. A blog can be set up by even a novice in no time. All you have to do is post and publish.
2) Easy to update. Blogs can be updated weekly or daily instead of sometimes monthly for a static website. Even adding a few paragraphs a day can be done in no time and can be beneficial to your search rankings.
3) Get spidered quickly. Search engine spiders crawl blogs with greater frequency than static webpages.
4) You can get your website indexed quicker. An article or a piece of news about your website with an optimize anchor link will send the spiders your way in no time.
5) Sell advertising space if you have a popular blog.
6) Similarly, you can incorporate Adsense to your blog to monetize content.
7) If you have a blog that is in a niche then you can find affiliate programs for that niche and do reviews of them for a commission. Every time someone purchases the product or service through your link you make money.
8) Blogs and RSS feeds are used by the minority of internet users which makes it excellent for you to start blogging right now. Less than 10% of Americans utilise this service at present.
9) Can be syndicated. An easy way for your readers to stay in touch with updates is to add your blog to their My Yahoo and My MSN. They can see the latest information and how long ago it was added.
10) Add your blogs to My Yahoo and you can have it indexed in no time by Yahoo.


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